What if I told you the most successful people DON’T manage their time?

It might sound crazy but it’s true.

Just hear me out.

Successful people know that they can’t manage their time because time can’t be managed.

Here’s what they do instead.


The clock will keep ticking no matter what you do. Successful people understand this, so instead of focusing on something they can’t manage, they focus on the stuff they can manage. That’s people, technology and themselves.

So, how they do this? Let me explain…

Successful people manage people by controlling who they allow to influence them during the day. They control who interrupts them, who meets with them, and who they talk to. That makes their time more effective because they’re in full control.

Successful people manage technology by not letting it manage them. If you groan at the thought of checking your email… If you ever feel distracted by incoming messages… If you feel overwhelmed by technology… You’re letting technology manage you.

Here’s the quickest technology win you can make right now to start managing technology instead of letting it manage you: Stop checking email so frequently.

Anything more than once per day is too much. Managing technology allows you to use it in the most productive ways, making your time more effective. And email is the first place to start.

Successful people manage themselves by putting their time first. They understand that the most important appointment is the one they make with themselves. They don’t allow others to dictate their schedule. This might sound selfish but it’s not.

So what am I getting at here?


Instead, focus on the stuff you can manage. And that starts with people, technology and yourself.

If you can learn to manage these three things, you’ll be able to make your time more effective.

When you make your time more effective, you get more value, more revenue, more profit, more deals, and MORE RESULTS!

So, next time you find yourself “running out of time” or wishing there was “more time in the day”, think about these three rules. Are you managing people, technology and yourself as best as you can?

If not… you know what to do.

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